Friday, June 26, 2009

Imagination to Ink : Story

In the last two sections, we read about Plot and Characters. Now let’s understand what a Story means. A story is an account or narration of imaginary incidents, facts or experiences. But like a plot, a story is also made up of certain basic elements. It stands for a combination of similar necessities. Like :
S for Structure
T for Technique
O for Originality
R for Research
Y for Yearning
Like we discussed in the plot, a story has to have a definite structure. A beginning, a middle and an end. In other words, sequencing your story into different parts will help you lay out your idea in a logical and gripping manner.
We already know that a well–told story usually boasts a good writing style. The technique of writing out the story has to be appropriate and suitable to its contents. Also it is crucial for your story to be original and creative.
But the two new concepts in the STORY are Research and Yearning. Research is an important activity that takes place BEFORE you begin to write out your story. Research is specially essential if your story is based on scientific, historical or geographical knowledge.
Imagine what were to happen if your protagonist is a doctor and you don’t know a thing about the medicines he is supposed to be administering. Or you diagnose a disease on vague symptoms and administer an incorrect prescription? Or suppose your protagonist is a lawyer and you use completely wrong legal terminology! Perhaps he’s a cook and you muddle up the names of all the spices. Or if you describe a funny scene about traveling by an auto rickshaw and it turns out that that particular city has no auto rickshaws! You could be describing the use of oil lamps and lanterns in a village when that particular village actually has electricity! These are huge blunders! And not only would they seem ridiculous, but they would reveal your lack of interest and sincerity. And if that shows, do you think the readers would be interested in reading something the author himself is disinterested in?
Background research on the locales, customs, professions of your characters is a must. Get your facts right and add authenticity to your story.
And lastly, Y for Yearning – you have to yearn to write out your story. If the desire to write is from your heart and not your head, I do believe that you would surpass every single hurdle that lies between you and the completion of your book!